Emanate Delight.

It’s often an embarrassment of riches to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I mean it’d be a crime against forbearance to brag when you already have so much. Redwood forests, monsoon climate (rain in winter, never in summer), mountain vistas, the sharp line of the wide Pacific as your backyard. Go ahead pile it on! Before you stretch out for a long easy ride, remember this is wildfire country, where at this very minute and second, as I write this remembrance, I can look out my studio window and see, smoke from the Woodward fire just beginning to show over the Olema Ridge about 4 miles away. We are waiting with our “GO” bags. It’s a bummer, but troubles like a natural danger help keep awareness quite alive. Earthquake is in the mix. You can do nothing about a windy fire or an earthquake, but you can prepare yourself on the inside and whatever from the material world you think you might need…it’s good to have a GO! bag. But the most important thing is your state of mind… That, you can control (a little bit…) It’s Nature’s Mindfulness training. 

All that said,  I’m here to say,  if you ever visit, a ride on the Marin to SF Ferry is a must—and to have that ride as your daily commute…yes, an embarrassment of riches. My grandfather’s first expression of growing wealth found him on various pleasure cruises. His first “cruise,” not exactly a pleasure cruise, was from Hamburg to Galveston—an expansive cruise—the stuff of legend. He was escaping conscription into the Tsar’s army where Jews were shoved to the front lines as cannon fodder. After he had established a firm financial foundation, he sponsored scores of people to flee Kvarsk, Lithuania, a town memorialized at the Holocaust Museum as one wiped clean of Jews.

To have a cruise as a way to and from work—yes, an embarrassment of riches, not to mention copacetic politics, a minimizing of the corruption catalogue. Did I mention food? Don’t bother me…I’m eating. The ferry terminal itself houses a host of farm-to-table yummification.

I’m remembering an April 1st, and the last rain of the season last night, refreshing every molecule of oxygen and I’m on the 8:20 en route to my gallery and printmaking studio. A brisk 18 block walk will both energize and fill my exercise dance card, so I’m rarin’ to go to greet my crew and get busy on the latest project. The ferry pulls away from the dock in Marin gliding past San Quentin, hive of tragedy and reminder it ain’t all sunsets and roses. My walk will take me through the strata of high finance into junkie-ville and out again to the Civic Center Beaux-arts marker for political pride.

April 1st, the first day of National Poetry Month—Poetry is on my mind. It’s the Fool’s Day as well, my personal national holiday. Arriving at the Ferry terminal, time to head out through the bottle neck of the exit gangway, three a-breast slows the pace to a shuffle. In my trio, 2 are wearing matching corporate ID tags. I overhear… She says, “Oh what do you do there?” He says, “Oh I emanate delight.” I turn—“You emanate delight? You’ve given me the first line of my poem for National Poetry Month.” He would step away if it weren’t a crowded crush. “You misunderstood me, I am in M&A for Deloitte*.” You can almost hear the warning announcement on the P. A. “Be aware, a deranged man is disembarking the 8:20…”

I arrive at my print studio and gallery which I created with my son Noah and another printmaker David Salgado, which would be another kind of paradise were it not for the whipcrack of payroll and rent. The idea was to create a business where the creative life could flourish. It did, we all did, living a dream of being in the ring where the “match” could take shape, of punch—counter punch—the essence of collaborative process; ideas flowing one into another to produce the stuff of dreams. Who wouldn’t want to live in this paradise?

The view out my studio window.

Coda: I’ve retired from the business and happily Judith and are hard at work on our ˆSwan Song”—building a sculpture extravaganza we call Art Mind Park. Please visit this web marker—you’ll want the E-ticket and it’s yours fpr the asking.

*Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a general term used to describe the consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets and management acquisitions.

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