A Year of Living…Period.

Hidee Ho! All y’all!!—this message is jam-packed, pick’n choose the links or NOT!!!, just know we are happily engaged with the world. Sending warm wishes of love and coherence…quite a year! If you read one link, read this:https://90ojime.wordpress.com/2022/10/07/at-the-end-of-either-or-or-ambivalence-kills/


Judith writes the following:

As we stand (yes, we are still standing) on the anniversary of Richard’s brain surgery we are filled with such gratitude for the medical miracle that has Richard standing plus walking a 2 mile distance everyday.

It has been a remarkable year.

To mitigate the problems associated with normal pressure hydrocephalus (couldn’t walk but 10 yards, incontinence, cloudy thinking) a shunt was put in place to drain the excess fluid from his brain. Yes, that was successful but, in addition, there has been an unexpected outcome that we describe as the flood-gates were opened. 

Richard’s productivity and creativity has been a torrent of writing about and thinking about his 50+ years as an artist. in this year on his 90ojime site https://90ojime.wordpress.com he has written some 50+ posts. Click on any button and you will be treated to a free-ranging essay that might touch on biology, geology, art history, politics…you name it, he has probably been thinking about it.  Or you might meet Maurice (Merleau-Ponty), to get his take on Eco-Phenomenology and encounter his ruminations about dialogues, artistic and others. Here’s a short example:

As we stand on day of the pub-date (November 15) for The Plastic Turn we marvel at what we have done as One Beach Plastic during this year. 

We never imagined that when we started picking up trash, tending to a bit of planetary housekeeping, that we would end up on the cover of a Cornell University Press publication. We are fortunate to have caught a wave of interest in the health of the ocean and concern about the plague of plastic pollution. Part luck, along with some diligence, as we follow up and through on every opportunity. It’s been a great ride.

The cover of The Plastic Turn by Ranjan Ghosh features COMBS from our Kehoe Beach collection. Ghosh is a brilliant academic and thinker who teaches at the Department of English, University of North Bengal, India. His wide-ranging interests include literature, philosophy, education, environmental humanities, and of late, he has turned his attention to plastic. The book is set to be released on November 15. The e-book is now available.(Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 2022)

The Plastic Turn by Ranjan Ghosh | Paperback | Cornell University PressSage House 512 East State Street Ithaca, NY 14850. 607 253 2338 Contact uswww.cornellpress.cornell.edu

As a part of Lands End, sited in the former Cliff House’s kitchen, we presented for here or to go? serving up a highly stylized buffet that reminds the viewer that the things we discard inevitably return to us in our food. https://plasticforever.blogspot.com/p/exhibition-for-here-or-to-go.html

For Caltrans, in conjunction with Coastal Clean UP Day, we installed our Trash Castle on Huntington Beach.  https://plasticforever.blogspot.com/2022/09/this-to-that_22.html

We were the spoke-persons enlisted to promote the event.

For our favorite nature/science museum for kids in San Francisco we participated in the exhibition Reimagine, where we filled the display vitrine with colorful bits of plastic. https://plasticforever.blogspot.com/search?q=randall

And now until January our Remnant ghost net is on display at Santa Clara University. We wrote a blog post about it for Stanfords’s MAHB program.

We hope you join with us in celebrating and giving thanks for this remarkable year.

Cheers to more.🥂



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