Seems like I’ve always made collages. In the 20+ years of commuting to SF, managing my print studio, there was scant energy for making art—every evening I would cut up old work and now, in retirement, I began the process of making these collages. With 100’s of cut-out images floating around the studio, I saw them like plankton settling around a sea-mount. In the drift I saw the pictures spindling into a theme, an eco-system of meaning. The various methodologies—drawing, watercolor, digital photography 3-D rendering and monoprint—feel like accessing differing states of mind. Slowly rendering an eye is a different feeling state than, say, the all-in-a-dash monoprint of the swans, or the printed photograph of the hands.

Just as my fingers on these keys
Make music, so the selfsame sounds
On my spirit make a music, too.
Wallace Stevens from Peter Quince at the Clavier

Goofball Joins the Party—at Last

de rerum

De Rarum Naturum, Ode to Lucretious 


For Giving—What I learned in 5 Years of Psychotherapy.