Here is my list of books that I think every citizen of planet earth should read and reread. These are books that I have taken to heart and have taken with me on my life journeys. There are hyperlinks to posts where I reference the author or the book.

Origins of the Sacred—Dudley Young—just like it says, one of those you can open anywhere and get something.
American Visions and The Shock of the New—Robert Hughes
Consilience—EO Wilson
Microcosmos and Five Kingdoms—Lynn Margulis And my main (WO)MAN for life studies: Lynn Margulis. Here’s the WIKI on her main thesis—I am convinced this is essential knowledge. She wrote dozens of books: You can find one that resonates.
The Emergence of Everything—Harold Morowitz Western science is largely reductionist, reducing things to most basic. This book starts at the bottom and builds a universe.
Great Western Saltworks and The Structure of Art —Jack Burnham
The Re-enchantment of Art—Suzi Gablick
The Forge and the Crucible and The Sacred and Profane—Mircea Eliade
A Necessary Angel—Wallace Stevens
Hero with a Thousand Faces—Joseph Campbell
The Leopard’s Tale: Revealing the Mysteries of ÇatalhöyükIan Hodder
The Kingdom of Speech—Tom Wolfe The Dawn of EverythingGraeber and Wengrow

Scratching the Beat Surface  Michael McClure. Think you might be a Beatnik?