An idea only exists when it is used to create human reality, when it defines it’s own terms. That’s what philosophy asks, one thing anyway—what is real? And this is art’s big task. Big, big task. Today, what is real when we live in a world so governed by images? Images constantly firehosed into our minds; where are our guiding lights? When our current chief executive (2019) becomes fabulist-in-chief, does that mean the end of Art? Is Trump the ultimate conceptual artist? Is Trump Duchamp’s equivalent urinal (called Fountain 1917) standing in for a chief executive?

If “Fountain” Equals Art…
…does this equal President?
The result of image ignorance.

—from WIKI—”Wittgenstein claims there is an unbridgeable gap between what can be expressed in language and what can only be expressed in non-verbal ways. Picture theory of language says that statements are meaningful if they can be defined or pictured in the real world.” Helping fill out this map of image world, we go back to the 2016 election debates. In the 3rd, Trump a hulking threat stalked Clinton around the stage as she spoke, . . If she had turned and pointed her finger at his chest, saying, “Back off, buster!!” she may have won the presidency. As it was, by all analysis, she won the debate but lost the picture war.




Witch Hunter Hat